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Scandinavian Wildlife Park is of course available to the press. Here we have gathered press contact, photos and other helpful information.

Press contact

We’re of course available to the press for interviews and with information.

All contact from the press must be directed to:

Director; Frank Vigh-Larsen
Nødagervej 67 B., Nødager
8560 Kolind
Phone: 0045 86 39 13 33
Cellphone: 0045 21 65 97 24

For other requests
Phone: 86 39 13 33

Press photos

Download lots of high resolution press photos from Scandinavian Wildlife Park

© Skandinavisk Dyrepark
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Info for photographers

There are great conditions for phantastic photos in the park, but you need permission for commercial photography.
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Buy tickets

Buy tickets and gift cards for Scandinavian Wildlife Park. You do not need to book a ticket in advance and season passes can only be purchased at the entrance to the park.

Summer tickets – week 27-32

Valid between June 27th – August 9th, 2020

Children (3 - 11 years) DKK 47,50
Adult DKK 95,00
Senior (65+ years) DKK 85,00

Tickets – week 33-42

Valid between August 10th – October, 18th 2020

Children (3 - 11 years) DKK 95,00
Adult DKK 190,00
Senior (65+ years) DKK 170,00

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