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The European grey wolf has returned to Denmark. In the wild you need to be very lucky to spot one, but in Scandinavian Wildlife Park there's a guarantee of getting a closer look on the wolf.

In the Wolf Park you will see eye to eye with the wolves

Become a part of the pack as you visit the wolves in their vast enclosure.
You will experience the wolves in the unique Wolf Park of 15,000 square meters. Walk into the Wolf Park on the boardwals and keep your eyes and ears open – you might experience the wolves marking the territory, playing, eating or howling!

The wolves enjoy life in their fantastic, natural surroundings, and you experience them at eye level from the 200-meter boardwalk that winds through the landscape of the Wolf Park with hills, trees and lakes.

Get an experience richer when you visit our Wolf Park, rated as one of the best in the world.

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The social wolf

Wolves are very social animals. They live in packs, and work together to do everything.
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The wolf has returned

The wolf has returned to Denmark after about 200 years of exile. It's not the big bad wolf, that they're made out to be.
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