Fallow deer

The fallow deer has big brown eyes and long eyelashes and are very adorable to watch. In Scandinavian Wildlife Park they are very tame and come extremely close.

The Fallow Deer in Scandinavian Wildlife Park are a bit speciel, they are incredibly tame. This is something that has taken some time to accomplish. In this herd only the tame animals has been part of the breeding program and they have always had contact with humans – right from the day they were born and later when they followed their mothers around. The small calves learn from day one that humans aren’t dangerous and in the end they will eat from our hands.

But remember:

  • It is only allowed to feed the fallow deer with the specially made feed, which can be bought in the entrance
  • It is important to stick to the paths, the grass is the animal’s territory. There they need to have peace and quiet if they want it. It they want to talk, they will come to us.

Hand feeding

Pige fodrer dådyr

Get up close with fallow deer and  goats with a bag of feed in your hand.

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