Nature trail

On the nature trail in Scandinavian Wildlife Park you can find inspiration for a more diverse and wilder garden.

On the nature trail you can cut the route between the eagles and the polar bears short, and you can find inspiration for a richer and more nature friendly garden.

  • See which bushes that will attract more birds
  • Make room for lizards and frogs by creating a pile of rocks.
  • Welcome the insects by putting up an insect hotel.
  • Leave the old trees and branches and let them becomes homes for insects and birds
  • Make a pile of branches, and hopefully the hedgehog will move in.

The possibilities are endless and is only limited by our imagination.

A protected area

The nature trail goes through an area, that wasn’t always a part of the park. It connects the eagle aviary, red deer park and polar bear park.

In the area you find wild habitats, that are protected by law. There are even rare, Danish orchids growing there.


Biodiversity is a term that describes how rich a habitat is. It’s a measure of how many species of plants, animals and microorganisms you can find in an area.

As a lover of nature, you want a high biodiversity, with as many species as possible. Not because we can’t survive without every tiny species, but because nature isn’t the same without it. Nature is biodiversity.

Every little species has a role to play in an ecosystem, and to make sure that we protect all the advantages that we gain from the wild, it’s essential that we take care of biodiversity.

Every species is precious!

The garden – a little piece of nature

The vast areas of nature, that once were widespread across the landscape, has now been diminished to make room for cities and farming. The garden can therefore become very important tiny pieces of nature.

So, one of the most important things to do for biodiversity, is to invite it in to your garden. On the nature trail you can find inspiration to do just that.