Mammoth Centre

The Mammoth Centre in Scandinavian Wildlife Park is a paradise for the curious. Here you can touch everything from bear fur to wolf sculls, and also meet the 50.000-year-old mammoth, Manny.

Manny – a real mammoth

The first you notice when walking in to the Mammoth Centre is of course Manny the mammoth! Manny is a 50.000-year-old skeleton from a wooly mammoth, found on the Siberian tundra. There are only about 10 skeletons in Europe like him!

Experience the past

During the last ice age, the landscape of Denmark was a lot different than today. And the animals that lived here, where also very different. The earth was dominated by huge mammals, that were well adapted to survive the harsh climate and lack of food. The most well-known animal species from this time is the woolly mammoth, and it lived side by side with the woolly rhino, reindeer, muskox, giant deer and saber-toothed cats. Most of these animal species died out after the ice age, when their environment changed dramatically. But the reindeer and muskox adapted to the changes and still inhabits the earth today.

Feel the presence

In the Mammoth Centre you can get really close to the past when you admire the 50.000-year-old mammoth, but you can also feel the present time. You can bury you fingers in brown bear fur, get the feel of a wolf bite and lift the red deer’s giant antlers. Almost everything you see can be touched, felt or lifted. Except for Manny the Mammoth!