Dyreduellen i Skandinavisk Dyrepark

The Animal Duel Square

At the Animal Duel Square, you can challenge some of the animals to a duel. Test your strength against the brown bear or your cooperation skills against the wolves.

All animals are adapted to the life they live and will often be both quicker and stronger than us humans. At the Duel Square you can test yourself against some of the adaptations and see how well you would do in the animal world.On the balancing board you can find out if you can cooperate as well as a wolf pack, and if you can lift the giant rocks you’re almost as strong as a brown bear. On the Duel Square you can also duel against a spider or see if you can run as fast the polecat, the fox, the wild boar and other Scandinavian wildlife.

So, flex your muscles, warm up and get ready for a duel with the animals.

You will also find challenges around the park. By the polar bears you can see if you measure up to a polar bear of 2,8 meters, and by the brown bears you will find an authentic brown bear hibernation den – who will have the nerve to crawl in and see if a bear is hibernating in there?