Pige fodrer dådyr

Hand feeding

In Scandinavian Wildlife Park the fallow deer and goats will come extremely close, if you're armed with a bag of feed.


Currently, you are not allowed to feed deer and goats in Scandinavian Wildlife Park due to the Coronavirus. Many guests come into physical contact with our deer and goats as they are hand-fed, and we have decided to be extra careful. We will continuously assess the situation and possibly allow hand feeding some time during the season

In the Fallow Deer Park you walk on paths among the animals, so you need to hold on to the bags of feed. The fallow deer are very quick, and will try to steal the whole bag. It doesn’t even help hiding the bag in you pocket. They have a keen sense of smell, and will quckly locate the goodies.

The goats near the playground are almost as good at stealing the bags, and love to help you empty the whole bag.

Buy the feed at the entrance

The bags can be bought at the entrance or in the minishop near the playground. (Please note that the minishop is only open on busy days in the park)

The bags of feed can only be bought these two places, because of health regulations in Denmark.
Some days it’s only possible to purchase the feed at the entrance, so remember to purchase it on arrival.