Entrébutik i Skandinavisk Dyrepark

Souvenir shop

The largest giftshop in Scandinavian Wildlife Park is at the entrance, and offer a wide variety of unique souvenirs.

At the entrance to the wildlife park, in a large Nordic Loghouse, we have placed our largest giftshop. The shop offers a wide range of souvenirs only related to the Scandinavian and Nordic wildlife. All of our souvenir items are of high quality and a great deal of them are only available in Scandinavian Wildlife Park.

  • Our own line of postcards, fridge magnets and pens
  • Children and adult t-shirts with animal prints
  • Jewellery and trinkets
  • Toys and plush animals
  • Plastic animals, tubes and snappers
  • Mugs, glass articles and crystal arts

It is also possible to buy ice cream and cold drinks at the entrance.