Isbjørneboden i Skandinavisk Dyrepark

Minishop - polar bear

In the minishop by the polar bears you can have a smaller meal, enjoy an ice cream or either a hot or cold beverage.

Right by the polar bear park and with a view of both the moose and muskox, you will find a great minishop. There’s a big assortment of ice cream, and both hot and cold beverages.

When hungry, try the grilled sausages with bread and dressings, today’s dish, a belgian waffle with ice cream or a muffin.

Around the minishop you’ll find a big picnic area, where a big part of the picnictables are sheltered from the rain. You can also bring a blanket and hang out on the grass around the picnic area.

The minishop is open on weekends, on bank holidays and every day during the summer holiday. We reserve the right to change opening hours from day to day.