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Food & Souvenirs

In Scandinavian Wildlife Park there's lots af opportunities to get something to eat or choose the perfect souvenir. Buy your lunch at the Loghouse Café, choose the best plush animal in the souvenir shop or get a snack in the minishop by the polar bears.

  • Picnic areas

    There are lots picnic tables by the Wolf Park, the Loghouse Café, the polar bear minishop and the minishop by the eagles. All are free to use. Many of the picnic tables are sheltered from the rain or sun (not by the Wolf Park).

    By the playground is a huge sheltered area, where you can see both the playground and the red deer park.

  • Bring your own food

    You’re more than welcome to bring a packed lunch for your outing in Scandinavian Wildlife Park. You can transport it in one of our handcarts, or you can go out to get it in your car, when you’re ready to eat.

Loghouse Café

The Café offers fast food with a twist, hot and cold drinks, as well as ice cream and other sweets.
Visit the Loghouse Café

Souvenir shop

The largest giftshop in Scandinavian Wildlife Park is at the entrance, and offer a wide variety of unique souvenirs.
Visit the souvenir shop

Grill menu

Feel free to use the grill near the Loghouse Café, where you can prepare food brought from home.
See the grill menu


Cool down with an ice cream or a cold beverage, or enjoy a cup of coffee with something sweet.
Visit the minishop

Polar bear minishop

In the minishop by the polar bears you can have a snack, enjoy an ice cream or either a hot or cold beverage.
Visit the minishop
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