Luftfoto Skandinavisk Dyrepark

How to find us

Scandinavian Wildlife Park is close to towns called Nødager and Kolind. Find navigation and information about public transport here.


Nødagervej 67B
DK-8560 Kolind

The tiny roads can be a bit tricky when trying to find the wildlife park, and sometimes navigation systems lead our visitors the wrong way. Here are some tips to finding the park.

Driving from Grenaa

Follow highway 15 till just before the town of Tirstrup. Here you will see signs leading you to Scandinavian Wildlife Park (Skandinavisk Dyrepark). You need to make a right on Drammelstrupvej towards the town of Pederstrup and follow the signs from there.

Driving from Aarhus

Follow highway 15 north out of Aarhus. Take the exit towards the town of Kolind, and follow the signs to Kolind and then to the wildlife park (Skandinavisk Dyrepark).

Other means of transport


You can take the train to Kolind, which is about 7 km from Scandinavian Wildlife Park, so the train wouldn’t be able to transport you all the way.

See timetable


Route 120 drives between Aarhus and Grenaa, but be aware, that the bus often won’t bring you further than Kolind – 7 km from the park. A few departures in the weekdays, can take you near the entrance between Nødager and Pederstrup.

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