Rovdyrfodringer i Skandinavisk Dyrepark

Feeding program

Experience the exciting polar bear feeding or the wild sea eagle show from the amphitheatres - with a safe distance to other guests.

The reopening now allows us to gather a few more guests in the same place. We have therefore chosen to open up two of our popular predator feedings: the sea eagle show and the feeding of the large male polar bears.

In these two places we have large stands and the opportunity for our guests to sit with their faces pointed in the same direction and with a good distance between them.

Measures to reduce the spread of infection

With 1 meter distance between all guests, we can have 500 guests seated at the polar bear feeding and up to 400 at the sea eagle show.

Up until the start of the feeding, staff will help allocate seats to the guests present and ensure that a distance of 1 meter is maintained between guests who are not in the same group. At the same time, all those present are counted.

We adjust the number of feedings from day to day to suit the expected number of guests in the park. It will therefore be unlikely that you will go in vain and there is no room at the feeding. However, the places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and we cannot guarantee that there will be room for everyone present.

Expected feeding program

The programs below are indicative and we reserve the right to make changes. The current feeding program is announced upon arrival at the zoo.

Week 24-27, the weekend of week 31 and week 32-42

12:00 Sea eagle show
14:30 Polar bear feeding

Week 28-30 and monday-friday in week 31

12:00 Sea eagle show
13:00 Polar bear feeding
14:30 Polar bear feeding
15:30 Sea eagle show

Guidelines for the feedings:

• The seats for the feedings are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
• All guests must remain seated during the feedings
• It’s not possible to leave the stands during the feedings.
• The stands are filled up from the center and out in the order people arrive.
• A distance of 1 meter must be maintained to other guests who are not in your group.
• The door to the eagle aviary opens no later than 10 minutes before the show starts, and you’re not allowed to eat in the aviary