Feeding program

Experience the exciting feedings or the wild sea eagle show.

feeding program

Week 14-27 and week 31-42

11:30: Wolf feeding
13:00: Sea eagle show *
14:30 Polar bear feeding
15:30 Brown bear feeding

feeding program

11:30: Wolf feeding
12:00: Sea eagle show *
13:00 Polar bear feeding
14:30 Polar bear feeding
15:30: Sea eagle show *
16:30 Brown bear feeding

* Special guidelines for the sea eagle show:

  • All guests must remain seated during the show
  • It’s not possible to leave the aviary during the show, but the show can be experienced from outside the aviary
  • The door to the eagle aviary opens no later than 10 minutes before the show starts
  • It’s not allowed to eat in the aviary