Træning af isbjørn

Behind the polar bears

Get really close to a polar bear in Scandinavian Wildlife Park, when the guide takes you behind the scenes.

The polar bear is an impressive predator. The males grow to almost 3,5 meters, when standing on the hind legs, and they will easily weigh around 500 kg. In Scandinavian Wildlife Park  they live in the best polar bear enclosure in the world. The Polar Bear Park is 26000 m2, and filled with hills, logs, boulders, and several large lakes. To keep close contact with the polar bears in their huge sorroundings, we have trained them to close to us in the stable, where we can keep a close eye on them.

Meet one of the polar bears in the stable – a place where only the keepers go. Get up close and personal… hear it, smell it and feel the goosebumps from standing only 1 meter from this giant predator – only separated from you by bars.

Our keeper will transport you into another world… You get a first class ticket to watching the polar bear be trained. We train the polar bears to sit or stand on their hind legs among other things. We don’t do this for anyones entertainment, but because it’s the safest and least intrusive way to keep an eye on their health. The polar bears love their training sessions, where they get their favorite snacks.