Ulven er tilbage i Danmark

The wolf has returned

The wolf has returned to Denmark after about 200 years of exile. It's not the big bad wolf, that they're usually made out to be, but more of a shy hunter.

An old friend
Wolves have lived in Denmark since the last ice age. But a great hatred for wolves resulted in the wolf being eradicated from the danish wildlife, and the last wolf in Denmark was shot in 1813. But, as has happened in many other places in Europe, the wolf has now begun to reintroduce itself. Lone wolves roaming around in search of a mate and a territory can move very long distances. Thus, wolves from Poland and Germany are now looking for a place to settle in Denmark.
The big bad wolf? 
There is no reason at all to be nervous or scared to meet a wolf in Denmark. Wolves are very shy animals, and they would rather run off than attack you. Therefore, there are very few examples of wolves attacking humans, and the vast majority have had an underlying cause, such as rabies.The wolf in Denmark
It’s not a problem for wolves to survive in Denmark, as long as us humans leave them alone. We have plenty of prey and wolves are very adaptable and can live in any kind of landscape. There are examples of wolves that have had a cave in the middle of two cornfields or on the outskirts of a city and yet succeeded in raising an entire litter of puppies.