Heste er flokdyr

Horses are social animals

Przewalski's horses are very social animals, and the stay together in herds of 10-15 horses.

It gives a certain sense of security to live several horses together in large open areas, where they are veru vulnerable to predators. Therefore, Przewalski’s horses live in herds of 10-15 individuals helping each other keep an eye out for any enemies.

In the herd there is an older mare, 1-4 younger mares, and all the mare’s offspring under 2-3 years. In addition, there is one adult stallion whose main task is to protect his herd.

The young ones move out

When the young horses are about 2-3 years old, they move away from home.

The stallions live together in a bachelor group until they are old enough – and skilled enough – to get their own harem of mares. Some stallions live their entire lives in a bachelor group.

Stallions can get their own harem in several ways. They can take over an existing harem by challenging another stallion and taking over his mares. Sometimes a foreign stallion also steals just a few mares from another herd. And the last option is to start from scratch with some young mares who have just moved away from home and are not yet part of another stallion’s harem.