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Wild horse

Przewalski's horses are the closest we can get to a real wild horse today, and you can meet them in Scandinavian Wildlife Park.

Przewalski’s horses today live freely on the Asian plains, but in Scandinavian wildlife Park, they act as a representative of all wild horses.

Przewalski’s horse received his name from Russian explorer Nikolai Przewalski when he described the species during a visit to China in the late 1800s. However, the Mongolian people knew these horses well, and saw them as the messengers of man to the gods. Therefore, the horses had been named takhi, meaning “spirit” or “spiritual”.

Horses are social animals

Przewalski's horses are very social animals, and the stay together in herds of 10-15 horses.
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Reintroduced to the wild

Przewalski's horse almost went extinct, but a strong cooperation between zoos saved it.
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The last wild horse

For many year Przewalski's horses were seen as the last living wild horse. But new research from 2018 suggests otherwise
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