Wild boar

In Scandinavian Wildlife Park you can meet wild boars in all sizes. Right from the huge boar, weighing in at almost 100 kg, to the small striped piglets.

The wild boar does not resemble any other scandinavian species

The wild boar is greyish black and can in the winter seem almost silvery because they grow an isolating outer coat with blond tips. Newborn piglets are striped with yellow, brown and dark brown stripes. They are irrestible, incredibly beautiful and cute. The piglets fur is replaced by a reddish brown fur when they are about 3-4 months of age.

A wild boar eats a varied diet

A wild boar usually eat plant material. In the summer they will eat the green leaves, and in the fall the roots of the plants. They also enjoy nuts, seeds, bark, potatoes, grains and corn – so their is a lot to choose from. Wild boars will also eat animal material like insect larvae, worms, snails, mice, eggs and carrion.

The wild boar moves quietly around eating – you only hear their chewing and ruffling. The wild boar is generally afraid of people, and will keep to the forest, where they also find most of their food. They will only move out to an open field swiftly during the night or dusk.