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Sea eagle

In Scandinavian Wildlife Park you can experience the worlds largest sea eagle in the daily eagle show. The Steller's sea eagle has an impressive wing span of almost 2,5 meters.

See eagles in a whole new way!

In 2015 it became possible to experience sea eagles in the Scandinavian Wildlife Park. But not in the traditional way in which the sea eagle appears on a falcon’s glove, flies a few rounds and is taken away again. We wanted to allow the sea eagles to fly as much as they wanted, when they wanted, and not have to rely on a falcon.

Therefore, a huge aviary was built. It’s of 60×60 meters and 12 meters in height, where there is ample opportunity for the sea eagles to stretch their wings. The eagle aviary is the first and largest of its kind worldwide. In the aviary there is a huge lake that the eagles can bathe in, and there are several tall trees, large stones and tree trunks on which the eagles can sit. The eagles also fish in the lake as part of the daily eagle show. The show is experienced on the first parquet from the large amphitheatre inside the aviary.

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A rare sea eagle

One of our Steller's sea eagles, Legolas, is a rare color variant, that is called dark Steller's.
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Sea eagles eat fish

Sea eagles live primarily of fish, that they catch in areas with shallow water, but they will also catch birds.
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Sea eagles in Denmark

You can also see sea eagles in the wild in Denmark, but they haven't had a great history here.
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Sea eagles in the wild

In Scandinavian Wildlife Park you can meet the Siberian Steller's sea eagle, but that's not native to Denmark.
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