Rød ræv

Red fox

Most will know the red fox by its red fur, but it can actually have other fur colours as well. In Scandinavian Wildlife Park you can meet the classic red fox with a white tip of the tail.

The fox is a predator

The red fox is great at eating a varied diet, and they will usually just eat what is available. Mostly the fox eats mice, moles and roe deer lambs. When they have the opportunity, they will eat birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. During summer they also eat insects, and in the fall berries and fruit.

A red fox isn’t always red

The fox can have different varieties of coat colours – ranging from red to black – but there is one characteristic that all red foxes have in common; the tip of the tail. No matter the coat colour of the fox, the tip of the tail will always be white.