Red deer

The red deer is the largest species of deer in Denmark, and in Scandinavian Wildlife Park you can watch them from the paths in their huge park. Maybe you're lucky and will see one of the cute calves in the tall grass.

In Scandinavian Wildlife Park you meet the red deer in the huge red deer park, where you can follow the winding paths through. The red deer knows, that the guests aren’t allowed to leave the paths, and that makes them incredibly calm out on the grass. Every spring some of our guests sit and watch a calf being born, and every fall the rut and the stags’ roars can be witnessed.

The red deer stag has big impressive antlers.

The young male calves grow their first set of antlers already after 10 months. These antlers consists of 10-25 cm unbranched tips. a two year old stag grows antlers with 2-4 branches. The older the deer gets the more branches they have on their antlers, but it is not possible to directly count the branches and say how old it is. 20 or more branches is not uncommon.