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Siku is a polar bear that was hand reared in Scandinavian Wildlife Park and that made him world famous. Today he's an adult bear living with the other adult polar bears in the park.

When Siku was a cute little polar bear cub who was hand reared here in Scandinavian Wildlife Park, there was a lot of attention around him. The press was writing and calling from all over the world, and we had no idea that he was going to become so popular.

Fortunately, Siku didn’t notice anything about all the fuss around him. He was just concentrating on growing up and becoming a big strong polar bear, and we must say that he has succeeded. He now weighs around 500 kg and you can meet him in the huge polar bear park with the other adult males.

Siku was hand-reared

The polar bear Siku was hand-reared in Scandinavian Wildlife Park, when his mother failed to produce milk for him.
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Siku as an ambassador

The polar bear Siku is named from the inuit word for sea ice and is an ambassador for his wild counterparts.
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Siku meets other polar bears

It was very important that Siku learned to live with other polar bears. Therefore we started the introductions at 1 year
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