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Polar bear

A polar bear can weigh up to 500 kg and survive by catching seals from the sea ice in the Arctic. In Scandinavian Wildlife Park you can experience the worlds largest landliving predator in a unique polar bear park.

The polar bear park in Scandinavian Wildlife Park is 26,000 square meters and is recognized by experts as one of the world’s best polar bear enclosures.

You experience polar bears as they live all summer, when the sea ice is melted and they live on the tundra. In the park, there are lots of hills, tree trunks, large rocks, a huge lake of 5,000 square meters and a smaller lake of 350 square meters. The big lake is 5 meters deep in the deepest areas, and the polar bears love to take a dip in the cool water. The polar bears spend most of the day playing in the water, taking a stroll around the enclosure, or settling in for a little nap.

When the polar bears have so much space, you might think they are hard to spot. But that is not the case. As something unique, a 220-meter-long boardwalk winds through the enclosure, and you therefore experience polar bears at eye level or swimming just below your feet. It is very breathtaking to experience the great Arctic giants so close!

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Polar bears and climate change

Polar bears are dependent on the sea ice to catch seals, and therefore they're very sensitive to climate change.
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Polar bears eat seals

Polar bears in the wild eat seals. But in Scandinavian Wildlife Park, they would much rather have a fish.
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Siku is a polar bear that was hand reared in Scandinavian Wildlife Park and today he's and adult bear.
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