The moose can weigh up to 500 kg and has a giant antler. In Scandinavian Wildlife Park you can meet the worlds largest deer from the board walk that wind through the Moose Park.

Experience the moose at their best in the enormous Moose Park. In the 1 hectare large Moose Park you can have an unforgettable encounter with the fantastic giant deer. You enter the Moose Park on the 100 metre long board walk to meet and enjoy our lovely moose really close up.

Due to climatic changes the mose became extinct in Denmark 5,000 years ago. However, it still lives in the main parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The moose is a solitary animal. For example the moose bulls do not gather breeding groups like red deer stags. They stray around looking for cows in heat. They follow such cows untill they have mated them, and then they wander of looking for other cows.

The moose cow is alone with the calves. They are born in May/June and weigh around 10-17 kg at birth. The milk produced by the cow is very rich, and already in late summer, the calves have grown to around 150 kg each.