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Brown bear

You might know the bear as the brown bear, grizzly, kodiak or just Teddy. In Scandinavian Wildlife Park you can meet the European Brown Bear up close.

The European brown bear

In Scandinavian Wildlife Park you will meet the European brown bear, but there are brown bears all over the world. There are some size and color differences, and they are called different names; in Canada and Alaska they are called Kodiak and Grizzly bears, and in Russia they are called Kamchatka bears. But it’s essentially the same brown bear that lives all over the world.

The Bear Park

Get overwhelmed by our fantastic 2.5 hectare big Bear Park with caves, hills, trees and lots of water. The Bear Park is quite unique and one of the World’s largest, so our bears are very lucky!

You walk into The Bear Park on the 250 meter long board walk.

This leads you through the fantastic facility and you’ll be right up close to the bears. You can smell, hear and almost touch the bears and our guests love them.Watch our bears as they splash and swim in the water or as they play and eat on the shore. The bears are very active, and it’s hard to leave them again!

It’s an experience we are sure you will enjoy!

Bears are omnivores

Mange tror, at brunbjørne primært lever af fisk, men faktisk spiser de primært planteføde.
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Brown bear cubs 2020

At the beginning of January, three brown bear cubs were born in Scandinavian Wildlife Park
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During winter brown bears hibernate, and the bears in Scandinavian Wildlife Park do to.
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Training the bears

The bears in Scandinavian Wildlife Park are trained to do a few simple things, that makes working with them a lot easier
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Feeding program

The predator feedings are unfortunately cancelled indefinitely due to COVID-19.
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