Sami tent

Sleep in the center of the park in a Lavvu, which is an authentic Saami tent.

The Saami people is an indigenous Scandinavian people. They are nomadic and drive their reindeer from grassland to grassland. When tired from walking all day, they make camp with big tipi-like tents. Such a tent is called a Lavvu, and you will find one in Scandinavian Wildlife Park. The camping site with the big Saami tent is placed in the middle of the park, close to the playground, Mammoth Centre and the sea eagles.

Perfect for the big group

There’s room for about 30 people in the big Saami tent. It’s about 8 meters high and the floor is 85 m2. Linoleum covers the floor so you will not be sleeping on the cold wet ground. There’s power and lamps in the tent, and there’s also 4 picnic tables.

NOTICE: You will need to bring camping gear yourself.

Program and schedule

We’ve put together an exciting program for you, with time both with and without time with the guide.

You’re going on a guided tour around the park with the guide, who will help you get to know the animals a little better. Let the guide fascinate you with great stores from the park and the animals the live here. The guide speaks both Danish and English.

  • Arrival in the parks opening hours is required. Note that we close at 16.00 on some days.
  • The guide will welcome you by the tent at 17.30
  • 18.00: Dinner (bring your own supplies or buy it in the park)
  • 19.00: – 21.00 Exploring with the guide
  • 21.00: Goodnight
  • 08.30 Next day’s morning: Breakfast in the café
  • 09.30 The campsite needs to be vacated and all luggage removed. However, you can stay in the park the rest of the day.

Notice that it’s not possible to leave the park before 9:30 the next day, as the park and the parking lot is locked when the last guest leaves in the evening.


  • Shared between all groups
    • Grill/barbecue by the playground
    • Restrooms in walking distance from both camp sites. There’s no access to a shower.
  • Facilities – Saami Tent/Lavvu
    • Outdoor kitchen
      • Electric kettle
      • Sink with access to cold water
      • 2 hot plates
    • Picnic tables
    • Refrigerator
    • Spot for a campfire, firewood and tools for lighting the fire.
    • Sticks for cooking marshmallows over the fire
    • Bonfire popcorn net (provided by staff)

    If you don’t order food with the accommodation, you will also need to bring pans, pots, kitchen knives, cutting board, tea towels, kitchen roll, dishwashing soap and brush.


  • Meals included

    Breakfast is included in your overnight stay, but the other meals are your own responsibility.

    You cook dinner yourself in the outdoor kitchens, on the barbecue or on the campfire. You can bring your own or order something from The Loghouse Café. If you order from the café, you will still need to cook some of it yourself.

    See the options here

  • Cooking dinner

    It doesn’t matter if you bring your own food or you order from our café, you will need to do the final cooking on you own. You can cook the food on the grill/barbecue, over the campfire or in the primitive outdoor kitchen.

    We encourage our guests staying by the shelter to cook their food over the campfire, so you can stay close to the shelter and the outdoor kitchen.

  • Bring your own camping gear

    You will need to bring camping gear yourself. This means sleeping pads or air mattress, sleeping bags, head pillow and warm clothes.

    Follow our checklist

  • Transport of luggage

    Both campsite are situated in the middle of the park, and you will have to walk from you car to the campsite. We will loan you handcarts to transport your luggage, which you will need to return to the entrance upon departure.

    It’s not possible to transport luggage to the campsites by car.

  • Bathroom facilities

    There are restrooms in walking distance from both campsites.

    There’s no access to a shower.

  • Several groups in the park

    Several groups can book a sleepover in the park at once. However, there will only be one group per shelter and in our Saami tent/Lavvu at a time, so you will not need to share sleeping facilities.

    If there are several groups staying overnight in the park, they all share the guide. You can check the time schedule for either the Saami Tent or the Shelters to see when the guide spends time with you group.

    The groups staying in the three shelters share the facilities there. However, there is a site for a campfire and picnic table for each group.

  • Arrival and departure

    When you order an overnight stay in the park, you’re of course allowed to spend the whole two days of arrival and departure.

    Therefore, you can arrive the first day from the park opens at 10.00 and stay till the park closes the next day.


  • Access to the campsite

    In most cases you will have access to the campsite from the moment you arrive on the first day.

    The next day the shelter campsite need to be cleared and departed by 9.00 and the Saami tent campsite by 9.30, so the staff can clean the campsites before the park opens at 10.00.

  • Leaving the park after hours

    It’s not possible to leave the park from an overnight stay before 9.30 the next day. On rare occasions or with prior permission it may be possible. The whole park and the parking lot is locked during the night. The guide is busy with the groups staying overnight and will be hard-pressed to let people out during the evening.

Send request

  • What day would you like to book an overnight stay?

    You can send an inquiry of up to 3 different dates in order of priority. You can also just fill in your first priority.
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  • It's possible to choose both options

Food during an overnight stay

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