Find the answer for some frequently asked questions sorrounding your visit to Scandinavian Wildlife Park


Conditions in the park

  • Can I bring my dog in to the park?

    No, dogs are not allowed as parts of the walk through Scandinavian Wildlife Park go through the animals’ facilities.

    We offer dog parking, which you can read more about HERE. Select “Dog Parking”.

    Guide- and service dogs are welcome in Scandinavian Wildlife Park. Read more HERE.

  • Can you feed the animals with food brought from home?

    No. The digestive system of the animals is very complex and fluctuations in their feed can make them sick. Therefore, it is only allowed to feed deer and goats with the feed sold in the Entrance and Boden.

    Read more here

  • Can you drive around the park?

    No, you walk through Scandinavian Wildlife Park and it is not possible to drive around in your own car. We also do not offer tours in other motorized means of transport.

    Cycling in the park is also not allowed. However, the exception is running bikes for very young children.

    You may bring your own electric scooter or wheelchair. Of course, it is also allowed to bring strollers and trolleys.

    It is also possible to rent an electric scooter, wheelchair and stroller with us. Read more here

  • Accessibility

    Scandinavian Wildlife Park is a piece of Scandinavian nature, and you experience the animals by walking on the paths and boardwalks. The walk around the park is around 3-4 kilometers long.

    The paths are gravel, and it’s possible to move around in a wheelchair or electric scooter. Please ask at the entrance for the optimal route to take through the park.

    The entrances to the entrance building, Polar Bear Park, Wolf Park, Brown Bear Park, Café and restrooms are all accessible by wheelchair.

  • Rent electric scooter

    It’s possible to rent an electric scooter in Scandinavian Wildlife Park.

    The electric scooter has a battery capacity of around 3 hours, and can easily transport you the whole way through the park.


    DKK 100,00
    EURO: 14,00


    Tel.: 0045 86 39 13 33
    Mail: info@skandinaviskdyrepark.dk

  • Borrow wheelchair

    It’s possible to borrow a wheelchair in Scandinavian Wildlife Park.Lej elscooter

    Our 2 traditional wheelchairs have wheels that are well suited for the paths in the park.


    Tel.: 0045 86 39 13 33
    Mail: info@skandinaviskdyrepark.dk

  • Rent a handcart

    At the entrance you can rent a handcart to transport your bags and lunchpack around the wildlife park.

    The animals in Scandinavian Wildlife Park has a lot of space, and this means that the walk around the park can get a little long. Especially our youngest visitors sometimes need a little rest, and a handcart can bring a much needed brake for tiny legs.


    DKK 50,00 per cart
    EURO 7,00 per cart


  • Can you buy food in the park?


    The Loghouse Café is open on all opening days and offers burgers, sandwiches, salads and fast food with a twist.

    We also have other places that sell food, ice cream and souvenirs. Read about them here.

  • Bring your own food

    You’re more than welcome to bring a packed lunch for your outing in Scandinavian Wildlife Park. You can transport it in one of our handcarts, or you can go out to get it in your car, when you’re ready to eat.

  • Picnic areas

    There are lots picnic tables by the Wolf Park, the Loghouse Café, the polar bear minishop and the minishop by the eagles. All are free to use. Many of the picnic tables are sheltered from the rain or sun (not by the Wolf Park).

    By the playground is a huge sheltered area, where you can see both the playground and the red deer park.

  • Grill/Barbecue

    Near the Loghouse Café you’ll find a gas grill free to use for all our guests. The café will start the grill upon request. Note, that the grill will take about 20 minutes to warm up.

    It’s also possible to buy one of our DIY grill menus from the Café.
    See the grill menus here

  • Reserve picnic table or grill


    As a rule, booking is not necessary. The grill is large and there is room for several groups grilling at the same time. If you are a large group or you would like to be able to grill at a certain time, we recommend booking in advance.
    You may want to bring food to the grill from home, but of course it is also possible to order DIY grill menus from The Loghouse Café.

    See the grill menus here

    Picnic tables:

    Reservation is usually not necessary as there are a lot of picnic tables in the park and we have never experienced guests that are unable find a place to sit. However, if you are a larger group, or if you want to sit a certain place, we recommend booking in advance.

    Reserve picnic table or grill:

    Tel: 86 39 13 33

    Email: info@skandinaviskdyrepark.dk