Scandinavian Wildlife Park is a themed animal park, and we are known for our relaxed atmosphere and enormous parks for polar bears, brown bears and wolves.

Being a themed animal park, Scandinavian Wildlife Park focuses mainly on Scandinavian wildlife. We’re known for our enormous parks for polar bears, brown bears and wolves – and a lot of other Nordic animal species living on 47 hectares of land.

The parks polar bear facilities are recognized as the world’s best, and we have had polar bear cubs on more than one occasion. The male polar bear Siku – born in 2011 – have dedicated fans all over the world.

As a visitor you get a unique opportunity to experience natural behavior and get close to the animals from long board walks, that wind through beautiful Danish nature. At the same time our guides tell you stories about the animals, their biology and their habitats in a serious, educational and entertaining way.

With Scandinavian Wildlife Parks relaxed atmosphere, it becomes a well-deserved break for busy families. The park is perfect for a calm but exciting outing with the kids, but just as perfect for a picnic for two.

Our animals are ambassadors for their wild counterparts, and they do that best, if they live under proper conditions. When you visit us, you’re helping support us in our work to spread awareness about Scandinavian wildlife and the threats against it.

Scandinavian Wildlife Park has existed since 1994 and was founded by animal enthusiast Frank Vigh-Larsen.